Content Philosophy

Newsrupt considers editorial independence, integrity and intellectual freedom as our key values. Upholding journalistic values of truth, fairness, credibility, integrity and diversity, we publish Stories For All sans boundaries. As an independent newsroom owned by journalists, we will not allow commercial or political considerations to sully our journalism. Only our values determine the stories we choose to cover relentlessly.

The holy book in our newsroom is the Indian Constitution and we ensure that each story that goes out does not contradict its ethos. We encourage our journalists to see the world through a prism of grass-root democratic values and each work that we produce must undergo a public interest test. Our reportage will be facts-driven and devoid of sensationalism and vested interests – yes, facts are sacred.

We present diverse voices and treat our audiences with due respect. We will not mislead or misrepresent. We will acknowledge a mistake when it occurs, promptly correct it and ensure it does not recur. Newsrupt diligently follows Norms of Journalistic Conduct by the Press Council of India.