Correction Policy

Newsrupt always strives for accuracy and factuality in our news reports. We undertake multiple levels of editorial scrutiny before each copy goes out to the public. Whenever we spot an error in our copies after publishing, we promptly correct it in all platforms that content appeared.

In the cases of objective/factual errors, the published copies shall be re-edited to reflect the change. A correction note shall be given to the bottom of the article, which tells our readers, as clearly and quickly as possible, that what was wrong and what is correct. Anyone should be able to understand how and why a mistake has been corrected. Here is an example of a corrected copy [LINK].

If it is a subjective error, we shall take editorial measures to correct it such as giving more space to the aggrieved parties, more op-ed columns and similar methods. If the organisation realises any of its editorial policies was a mistake, it shall promptly be corrected and shall issue a public statement notifying the change.

A request for a correction or an update in a story can also be sent to or can contact the Grievance Officer at