Fact-Checking Policy

Newsrupt directs our reporters to verify the information they gather and each story is published after being fact-checked by a dedicated desk person to ensure utmost accuracy.  Newsrupt will also use fact-checkers in certain circumstances if it deems warranted. We always keep our words, headlines and URLs direct and clear.

We follow the globally accepted International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN) Code of Principles:

Commitment to Nonpartisanship and Fairness

We fact check claims using the same standard for every fact check. We do not concentrate our fact-checking on any one side. We follow the same process for every fact check and let the evidence dictate our conclusions. We do not advocate or take policy positions on the issues we fact check.

Commitment of Transparency of Sources

We want our readers to be able to verify our findings themselves. We provide all sources in enough detail that readers can replicate our work, except in cases where a source’s personal security could be compromised. In such cases, we provide as much detail as possible.

Commitment to Transparency of Funding and Organization

We are transparent about our funding sources. If we accept funding from other organizations, we ensure that funders have no influence over the conclusions we reach in our reports. We detail the professional background of all key figures in our organization and explain our organizational structure and legal status. We clearly indicate a way for readers to communicate with us.

Commitment to Standards and Transparency of Methodology

We explain the methodology we use to select, research, write, edit, publish and correct our fact checks. We encourage readers to send us claims to fact check and are transparent on why and how we fact check.

Commitment to Open and Honest Corrections Policy

We publish our corrections policy and follow it scrupulously. We correct clearly and transparently in line with our corrections policy, seeking so far as possible to ensure that readers see the corrected version.

Any reader or the aggrieved party can raise a fact-checking concern by mailing us to office@thenewsrupt.com.